About Susan Cooper


I created My Heartitude to inspire life longevity through movement and challenge people to develop a new attitude toward heart health."

Susan Cooper

I’m Susan Cooper. I've had a very rewarding career with Verizon Enterprises as a Sr. IT Project Executive and recently retired after 35 years. Now, I'm doing what I LOVE! I created “My Heartitude" to inspire life longevity through movement and challenge people to develop a new attitude toward heart health. Why? Because... my amazing Mother, Annette Smith, passed away, suddenly, from a Stroke complicated by Chronic Heart Disease in 2016. She was not a smoker, rarely had a drink, and was very active and vivacious. Now, THAT was the worst pain I've ever felt and after I put myself back together again, we discovered that heart disease is prevalent in our family's genealogy. However, it stops now! I dove deep into researching through the American Heart Association, AARP, American Stroke Prevention, and the top Cardiologists who have all confirmed that 80% of heart events are PREVENTABLE! We CAN eradicate these diseases but we must TAKE ACTION! I chose to DANCE!

I've always admired JANET JACKSON since she used to perform with her phenomenal brothers, The Jackson 5. Ms. Jackson, her legacy, resilience, beauty, strength, compassion, empowerment, humbleness, and philanthropy have been pillars in our lives for almost half a century. Her incredible lexicon of music and amazing choreography is the epitome for DANCE to this day and so many artists, thereafter, have imitated her style! Who better than the Iconic Janet Jackson – the one and only, to represent longevity through DANCE (at any age). Janet still performs her same dance moves proving that age is only a number and MOVEMENT is the real fountain of youth! I'm older than my celebrity twin and if I can learn Janet Choreography, I hope to inspire others of ALL ages to at least WALK a few times a week, ride your bike, start a workout regimen, eat healthier, or whatever it takes to get YOU off the couch! And... we share some ways to get you started.